Process Service Reports: Written for Your Affidavit Requirements

Comprehensive service reports are included in your HKPS fixed price quotation. They detail all service attempts if there has been more than one. They also contain relevant photographs taken during the serve as well as dates and time.
HKPS Process Service Reports

Process Service Reports

Unless you simply require notification of successful serve by email, normally your fixed price quotation from HKPS will include a comprehensive process service report.

So what does your service report include?

Your process service report contains everything you require to prepare an accurate affidavit.

Even if there are multiple attempts at serve, the details of each is described. Photographs are always included along with copies of any other relevant documents such as a signed receipt. 

What photographs do you take?

In short, our photographs depict the progress of the serve as it develops.  Our professional servers take pictures of relevant identifiers including building and street names as well as lobby signage and individual floor signs.  The apartment or unit front door is also captured.

Are your service reports for Hong Kong only?

Absolutely not.  No matter the country where the process serve takes place, a comprehensive report-written by HKPS-is included. Most overseas servers do supply brief reports, but we tend to question the servers if we feel that information is missing. This has the added benefit of allowing us to double-check with the server over any points that require clarification.

How are your reports used?

As mentioned, our reports are often used by international lawyers to prepare affidavits.  There have been some occasions when our report has been used, in its entirety, as part of the proceedings. This is shown in a 2016/ 2017 Florida case.  Incidentally, we could not get hold of a server as it was just before Christmas and Chris did the serve himself. 

Commissioner of Oaths cover sheet for a US court case including one of our service reports


The quality of our serves and supporting service reports, has allowed us to build up long-term relationships with international lawyers and worldwide partner agencies.  

One of our favourite testimonials was from the SWA Recovery and Investigation Group, based in Australia:

“Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to you and your team. Our client is over the moon!

I have been in this industry for 30 yrs and your report was simply the best I have ever seen.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your team to our network throughout Australia.”

Christopher Wilson

About HKPS

HKPS was co-founded in 2014 by an ex-Hong Kong police officer to provide efficient and cost-effective process serves in Hong Kong, China, Macau and other parts of SE Asia.  

HKPS is a brand of the Veriton Asia Group.  Veriton offers a range of research and investigations services from full reputational due diligence and surveillance to China company checks and executive screening. 

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