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Helping Worldwide Process Serve Clients in Hong Kong, China, Macau, SE Asia and around the World

HKPS is the part of the Veriton Asia Group that specializes in process serving.  Our process serve clients come mostly from the legal and corporate sectors but we also work with private individuals.  

Our Hong Kong base allows us to serve efficiently and cost-effectively – not only in Hong Kong regions  (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands) – but China and Macau.

For overseas serves, we work with a tried and tested network of process servers that facilitate the serving of legal papers in other parts of SE Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and the Philippines, and in many countries further afield.  Calling on our network, we have served in USA, Canada, Japan, parts of the Caribbean and UK and Germany.  The Cook Islands and Armenia are not beyond our reach…

HKPS servers speak Putonghua (Mandarin)  as well as Cantonese and English allowing us to operate in China with the same level of efficiency as in Hong Kong.”

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Private Clients

In addition, we also work with individual private clients mostly in connection with divorce and other family matters.  If you are an individual seeking our services please see the section written for private clients.

“Honesty and trust are fundamental to establishing long-term business relationships - with process serve clients especially when discretion is required.”

Assisting Lawyers and businesses


Approximately 40% of our work for process serve clients involves litigation.  The majority of litigation serves are conducted in Hong Kong or nearby Macau.   

In addition, we have worked with international litigation lawyers as part of co-ordinated efforts at multi-jurisdictional, simultaneous process serves.  

HKPS is happy to help international lawyers to project manage multi-jurisdictional serves via its strong network of investigative agencies.

As with family related serves, we treat all litigation and corporate serves with discretion and confidentiality. 


Hong Kong Litigation Example

Urgent Multi-Address Example

Assisting families

Family matters

Formalising agreements with process serve clients

More than 50% of  our process work in Hong Kong involves family matters and particularly divorce.   We understand that these can be times of stress for many.  Rest assured we treat all cases with sensitivity and confidentiality.

No two requests are ever the same and a process serve can be more complicated than it first sounds. When asked how we go about a serve, it can be easier to provide case examples as illustrated below.

Divorce Serve Example

Court Order Example

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