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We’re here to help answer any questions you may have about process serves in Hong Kong and other parts of SE Asia including China. We look forward to hearing from you.

HKPS is part of the Veriton Asia Investigative Group.  Based in Hong Kong, we provide a range of legal support services for private individuals, international lawyers and multi-national corporates. 

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Hong Kong

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Summary: Hong Kong Process Serves

HKPS is the part of the Veriton Asia Group that specializes in process serves.  It was established in 2014.  Our base in Kowloon is a short journey from Hong Kong’s Central Business District (CBD).

Our Hong Kong base allows us to serve efficiently and cost-effectively – not only in Hong Kong regions  – but China and Macau.

In addition, we have developed a strong network of private investigators that facilitate the serving of legal papers in other parts of SE Asia.  This include – but is not limited to – Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and the Philippines.

HKPS servers are multi-lingual.  The majority speak Putonghua (Mandarin)  as well as Cantonese and English.  This allows us to operate in China with the same level of efficiency as in Hong Kong.

Throughout a serve, our staff photograph and document all stages and all attempts.

After a process serve is completed, we prepare reports that are highly rated.  Multiple clients use them as the basis for affidavits.  To ensure process serves are as cost efficient as possible, we use a Commissioner of Oaths for the witnessing of an affidavit.

As soon as an affidavit is sworn, we email a copy to the client.  The original is then posted or couriered depending on initial arrangement.  Click here, to learn more about our procedures.

While developing this site, we set up a Biz Blog to:

  • Address frequently asked questions (FAQs) 
  • Explain how we can provide solutions for difficult serves, and
  • Examine some of the current issues in the industry

If you think you have all the information available for your serve, please complete our online quotation form.  Otherwise, drop us a line above.