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Based in Hong Kong – not the USA or the UK – Hong Kong Process Serve (HKPS) – part of the Veriton Asia Group – can guarantee quicker turnaround times and more cost-effective rates than international process serve brokers.  We operate in Hong Kong, Macau and China as well as other parts of SE Asia.

For general investigations, please refer to the Veriton Asia website.

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Why choose HKPS for a Process Serve?

If you need a professional process serve, why choose HKPS?  In one word: experience. Since 2014, we have served documents from multiple, international jurisdictions and have learned to think on our feet.

What’s more, we take our time to ensure that each serve is discussed and carefully planned in advance to optimize the client’s experience.

Our first process serve originated in Vancouver.  It wasn’t a simple process serve but a serve and locate.  The client did not know the defendant’s address.  We found the subject and successfully served – all within 48 hours.

The affidavit was signed the following day with our comprehensive, English language report being used by the client lawyer as the basis of the affidavit.

Hundreds of serves later from the legal fraternity, multi-national corporations and private individuals—we have never looked back.

SE Asia to Worldwide Process Serve Management

LOCAL HONG KONG TEAM: Our team comprises multi-lingual process servers of whom there are numerous ex-Hong Kong police officers.

WORLDWIDE SERVICE: Through our international network, we can now manage large-scale, multi-jurisdictional co-ordinated serves including the BVI and other Caribbean territories. 

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: We are members of numerous professional organizations and work closely with long-term contacts.

SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE: We keep abreast of industry developments  and up-date clients through our Biz Blog and monthly/ bi-monthly newsletter.  Topics are as diverse as the Hague Convention to “informal service” as illustrated in the Whyenlee case (2019).

your requirements met with RESOURCEFUL solutions

Explore how HKPS can meet your Process Serve needs for individuals and companies

Are you looking for a single or multiple process serves in Hong Kong or other SE Asian jurisdictions? Are you unsure how to find defendant(s)? Do you first need preliminary checks on directorships? Would you like to see a sample report? Are you based outside of SE Asia?

Family Law

Around 80% of our family law support services fall into two main areas: the serving of divorce papers and locating lost family members for inheritance.

Some areas where we can help. Please contact us if you have additional investigation, research and surveillance requirements.

Have you been unable to locate subject via another process serve agency? Then give us a call.

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three steps to A successFUL PROCESS SERVE

We Help You at Every Step of the Process

Preparation is king.   Our experience allows us to get your serve right first time round – and look for missing information along the way...   


Document Checking

As your trusted process server, we will highlight perceived errors in preliminary communications.  

It’s surprising how many typos can creep in when legal advisors are under pressure to serve at short notice.


Pre-Process serve Preparation

Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese addresses can be tricky.  What looks like a complete address to an overseas client – may not be. 

We help you check addresses and locations beforehand – making your service as cost-effective as possible.


Finalizing Instructions

Once you have provided serve instructions  according to your jurisdiction, we double-check all requirements.


All is now in place to conduct a successful serve on your behalf


Efficient and Cost-Effective Service Backed by Comprehensive Reports

HKPS clients frequently comment on the professionalism, scope and readability of our reports.  International lawyers often ask us to affirm our reports as opposed to using a separate affidavit.

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