Hong Kong Process Serve

Efficient & Cost Effective Process Serves in Hong Kong

HONG KONG PROCESS SERVE (HKPS) is part of Veriton Security, based in Hong Kong.  Veriton Security is a Research, Investigations and Security company and is experienced in Process Serves.

Choose Us for Legal, Quick and Economical Process Serves?

We are based in Hong Kong – not the USA; not the UK.  As such, we can guarantee cheaper prices and quicker turnaround times.

Straightforward Process Serves, namely a single serve on a company – including a sworn affidavit – can normally be completed from US$350 and within 3 working days.


– Have the experience and the expertise

– Are efficient

– Are conveniently located to reach all of Hong Kong

– Employ servers who speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin (Putonghua)

– Operate a team of multi-lingual researchers

– Can locate hard-to-find individuals


Reports and Affidavit

For each Process Serve, we provide a detailed, written report that can easily be incorporated into an affidavit.  Where possible we provide photographic evidence of the service, perhaps a photograph of the documents with the recipient or on the recipient’s desk.

Legal Process Serves for Lawyers and Businesses Worldwide

We have a strong track record with worldwide clients.  We have successfully served documents from a variety of jurisdictions including the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.   The types of documents are diverse: everything from subpoenas and summons to fraud, divorce and litigation.


The founder, Chris Wilson PMSM, Christopher Wilsonis a former ex-officio  Commissioner of Oaths in Hong Kong and was with the Hong Kong Police for 36 years before moving to the private sector as an investigative specialist.

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