Hong Kong Process Serve

Efficient & Cost Effective Process Serves in Hong Kong

HONG KONG PROCESS SERVE (HKPS) is part of Veriton Security, based in Hong Kong.  Veriton Security is an English-speaking Research, Investigations and Security company experienced in Process Serves.

Why Choose Us for Legal, Quick and Economical Process Serves?

We are based in Hong Kong – not the USA; not the UK.   As such, we can guarantee cheaper prices and quicker turnaround times.  We know Hong Kong well; our Process Servers are currently all ex-Hong Kong Police officers.  We conduct the service of process in Hong Kong; that is what we do and we are very adept at serving legal papers in Hong Kong.  

Whether you are looking for a single process serve in Hong Kong or multiple process serves in Hong Kong, HKPS can undertake all your serving of legal documents in Hong Kong.

Straightforward Process Serves, namely a single serve on a company – including a sworn affidavit – can normally be completed within 2 working days.  This applies to both Hong Kong and Macau.


– Have the experience and the expertise

– Are efficient

– Are conveniently located to reach all of Hong Kong

– Employ servers who speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin (Putonghua)

– Operate a team of multi-lingual researchers

– Can locate hard-to-find individuals

Cost Effective Process Serves in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small territory and it is relatively easy to reach most of it within a couple of hours.  The exceptions are the outlying islands, particularly the ones only reachable by ferry, and remote areas within the New Territories, such as Lok Ma Chau and some of the villages round Sai Kung, such as Che Keng Tuk.  Hong Kong generally has an excellent public transport system that includes frequent buses and mini-buses, as well as a well-developed underground railway, the Mass Transit Railway (MTR).

Cost Effective Process Serves in Macau

We have process servers in Macau.  Macau can be reached from Hong Kong by ferry in one hour.  Clearing Immigration can take some time, but once through Immigration, Macau is a really small place.  Public transport in Macau in nowhere near as good or efficient as the Hong Kong systems, but buses and taxis are cheap and plentiful.  Also, most of the casinos in Macau provide free shuttle buses from the two ferry ports to the casinos, and these are a usual form of transport for the public.  

Cost Effective Process Serves in China

We have a process service network that covers much of China.  Guangdong Province borders Hong Kong.  Adjacent to Hong Kong is the city of ShenZhen.  We have undertaken Process Serves in many parts of Guangdong, including Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Foshan.  It takes a couple of hours to get up into Guangdong, and the public transport is not as good as that in Hong Kong.  In Guangzhou city, transport is good and our process servers are familiar with the layout; the same applies for our neighbouring city, ShenZhen.   

China now has a network of high-speed railways, so it is quite easy to get to some of the slightly farther afield cities.  We have flown our process servers to Shanghai.  We do this because clients wanting to know that the job will be done professionally know that they cannot always rely on investigators and servers in Mainland.   

The ease of travelling in Hong Kong, Macau and China, means we can offer competitively priced Process Serves in all three locations.   

Reports and Affidavit

For each Process Serve, we provide a detailed, written report that can easily be incorporated into an affidavit.  Where possible we provide photographic evidence of the service, perhaps a photograph of the documents with the recipient or on the recipient’s desk.  The photographs are all embedded into the report. The report is usually provided on the same day that the documents are served.

Legal Process Serves for Lawyers and Businesses Worldwide

We have a strong track record with worldwide clients.  We have successfully served documents from a variety of jurisdictions including the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  The types of documents are diverse: everything from subpoenas and summons to fraud, divorce, statutory declarations and litigation.


The founder, Chris Wilson PMSM, Christopher Wilsonis a former ex-officio  Commissioner of Oaths in Hong Kong and was with the Hong Kong Police for 36 years before moving to the private sector as an investigative specialist.

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