Private Investigator Services

The Vision

Private Investigator Beginnings...

In 2014, when Christopher Wilson and Jane McAulay set up the Veriton Asia Group – for private investigator services – they did not realize that a significant part of the business would develop from process serves.   

The pair quickly understood the specialized nature of process serving and how they could enhance the client’s experience.

The result was HKPS – focusing on the legal serving of documents on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands but using experienced, private investigators.

Following on from the success of Hong Kong serves, it was evident that China was a country where international lawyers were struggling to locate and serve individuals.  

To circumvent common issues of serving in China, HKPS established a team of multi-lingual servers, based in Hong Kong, to serve in China and swear in Hong Kong.   

In other SE Asian countries, HKPS works with partner private investigative agencies to provide a complete service from verifying and serving at an address to the swearing of an affidavit.

verify, validate and visualize

Christopher Wilson

Both of Chris’s parents were police officers so it is not surprising that he joined the ranks at 19.  He is a former ex-officio Commissioner of Oaths in Hong Kong.

Private Investigator Solutions for Your Problems

Chris was ideally placed to set up a private investigator company having worked in the Hong Kong Police Force for over 35 years.  Highlights of his career included project managing the police side of Hong Kong’s new airport at Chek Lap Kok in the 1990s and leading the Counter-Terrorism and Internal Security Division immediately after 9/11 in 2001.

In the 1980s, he worked in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB).  This was one of his favourite roles where he headed teams dealing with everything from kidnappings to triad-related crime, again an ideal background for private investigations.  He firmly believes that his time spent in intelligence analysis, which was not then computer-driven, enhanced his abilities to problem-solve: a skill that is fundamental to the success of the Veriton Group today.   Chris, even now, is still the quickest in the office at pulling together link charts!

As a co-founder of the Veriton Asia Group, Chris enjoys working with worldwide lawyers and maintains that greater international co-operation will help fight corruption. 


Professional Memberships

Given Chris’s extensive police and corporate background, he was readily accepted by leading organizations covering the private investigative industry.


In addition, he is a life member of the International Police Association (IPA).

In Hong Kong, Chris holds a current Security Personnel Permit issued by the Hong Kong Police Licensing Office.

constant curiosity contributes to customer satisfaction

Jane McAulay

When Jane finds free time away from the business, her passion is working in visual arts.  She’s responsible for several of the graphics on the website.

The Devil is in the Detail

Having worked in marketing, education, IT and corporate communications, Jane has brought a varied and valuable skill set to the partnership.  No matter where she has worked and studied, research and writing have been fundamental to her success.

As an avid reader of crime, she never anticipated that she would one day be heading a private investigations company.   Within the Veriton Group she has three key roles:  project managing and mentoring the research team, developing processes and procedures and constantly revising and enhancing report formats.  

In a world where most people suffer from information overload, she firmly believes that top quality investigative services need to be backed by well-structured and considered reports.   From large due diligence projects to process serves, she continues to develop clear and concise formats that present investigative findings that a client can understand quickly and use easily.   

Our Team in Hong Kong, China & Macau

Since the Early Days...

A Great Team Means a Content Client

HKPS has a team of servers – including many private investigators – who have local knowledge of Hong Kong’s busiest residential and commercial areas. Many are ex-Hong Kong Police officers.  

Others are tri-lingual researchers who we have trained and developed as process servers in Macau and China.  

We are delighted to say that one of our investigators and one of our researchers have been with us since Day 1.

Ex-Police Investigators

Being ex-police officers, many of our servers know Hong Kong like the back of their hand.

Aside from the Central Business District where 40% of serves take place – namely Wanchai, Admiralty and Central – they have served all over Kowloon including Tsim Sha Tsui, Yaumatei, Kowloon Bay and  Kwun Tong.

Fortunately, one of our server-investigators, is based in the New Territories (NT): the area north of Kowloon that borders China.  The main commercial and residential hubs in the NT include Kwai Chung, Tuen Mun, Shatin, Yuen Long, Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O. 

Multi-Lingual Researchers

We consider ourselves fortunate that two of our researchers have been with us since our first and second year of operations.  Their linguistic capabilities make them ideal for serving overseas.

One of our most complex serves in China – which involved visiting three address in three different cities in one day – was successfully conducted by one of our researchers.  

She had completed considerable research on the addresses and Subjects prior to serve so it seemed  logical to have her undertake it.

Western Servers

It can be useful to have Westerners too for international serves.  Chris likes to keep a hand in the practical side so, from time to time,  will get involved in a process service at short notice.

Another Western investigator-server joined us recently.   

SE Asia & Rest of World

Expanding SERVICE...

Knowledge and Networks Are Key to Global Success

Aside from China and Macau, we can now oversee Process Serves in a number of SE Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia (Penang and Kuala Lumpur), the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.  We can also arrange serves across Canada and in most parts of the USA.  A new partner agency can serve in almost every territory or island across the Caribbean, including both the BVI and Cayman Islands.  There are also a few very out of the way places that we can serve in – the Cook Islands and Armenia, for instance!

Our investigative services are worldwide with partner agencies in UK, USA and Australia.