Bespoke Costing for Serving Documents

Fixed PRICE QUOTATIONS for serving documents

Quotation Within 24hrs

Once we have established your requirements for serving documents, we quote on a fixed fee basis.

The quickest way for this to happen is for you to complete the online quotation form. 

It is impossible to say how much a serve will cost without knowing your needs. Once we understand your requirements we can fix the cost according to scope.

Overseas serves – such as China – will include disbursements but we charge you these at cost and will estimate from the outset.  However, there are NO translation or notary charges if a Commissioner of Oaths is used.


Discounts are offered for bulk orders.  If you become a regular client, we will give preferential rates for serving documents.

How Much is Document Serving in HK, China or Macau?

Costs depend on:

  • WHERE you serve?
  • HOW many addresses?
  • HOW many Subjects?
  • Turn-around-time?
  • If you require an affidavit?
  • If simultaneous serves are required?
  • If the serve is on a company or a person?
  • Number of pages?
  • Is this an Ambush Serve?

What's Included in a Fixed Price Serve?

The following are typically included when serving documents:

  • Three service attempts
  • Sworn affidavit
  • Consultancy time commensurate with project
  • Report
  • Postage of affidavit by Hong Kong Post's registered mail, local courier or international courier as agreed in quotation
  • Printing of documents up to 40 pages

What Are Additional Costs & Services?

For Hong Kong Process Serves, most costs can be covered in a fixed fee but add-ons for serving documents would include:

  • More attempts than agreed
  • Re-serve due to errors in documents provided by Client
  • Large volumes of documents to be printed and collated by HKPS
  • Taxis to pick up and serve large volumes of documents e.g. multiple box files
  • Extended consultation

cost-efficient serving of documents

What's the Cheapest Serve Available?

Typically, the most cost-effective process serve would be a corporate serve initiated by a lawyer:

  • On a company
  • At a commercial location
  • No affidavit required
  • Confirmation of serve by email message
  • Full and accurate names of addresses and Subjects known