How to Get a Speedy Process Serve

We aim to be an efficient company, efficiently serving process in Hong Kong, Macau and China.  The more information you provide in your first email to us, so much the better.  Administration eats up our time and your time.  

1. Complete the online form to get an accurate quotation.  Give us as much information as you can.  If there is a deadline for the Process Serve completion, let us know. Use the same form for Process Serves in Hong Kong, Macau or China. 

If you happen to know that the intended recipient is likely to react violently on being served, please tell us!  Likewise, if the intended recipient is expecting the serve, please let us know.  If the call is expected, can you provide a phone number for the subject?

2. Confirm acceptance of quote by email to HKPS (

3. In email, provide full, detailed instructions.  Ensure the delivery address is accurate.  Make sure you have the correct case numbers on each page.  For locates, please provide as much documentation as possible.  

4. Send fee by Bank Transfer or PayPal.  We bill using PayPal and include within our Invoices full details of our bank in Hong Kong to enable you to conduct a bank transfer. 

5. Email documents by PDF or courier original documents to our Hong Kong Office if required.  

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