The Hague Convention has been replaced by the EU Service Regulation as regards service of judicial documents from one EU member state to another.  It applies to service of proceedings between Hague Service Convention Contracting States and EU member states.

The Council Regulation (EC) 1393/2007 of 13 November 2007 on the service in the member states of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters regulates the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents between European Union member states. It has applied from 13 November 2008 and repeals the previous Service Regulation (EC) 1348/2000. It provides, inter alia, a procedure for the service of documents via designated “transmitting agencies” and “receiving agencies” without recourse to consular and diplomatic channels, and other methods of service.

The Regulation applies to all EU member states, including Denmark.

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